Local charity celebrates National Care Home Open Day with an ‘Around the World’ challenge


Fremantle Trust-Care Industry News (250 x 52)Apthorp Care Centre in Barnet, run by local charity and care home provider, The Fremantle Trust, is celebrating National Care Home Open Day with an ‘Around the World’ challenge to encourage residents and staff to connect with people and places across the globe.

The ‘Around the World’ challenge features a paper cut-out character called Stanley, who appears in Jeff Brown’s 1964 children’s books, “Flat Stanley”, and was flattened in his sleep by a board that fell off the wall. However, Stanley saw this as an advantage because he could slip into an envelope and be mailed to his friends around the world.

The residents at Apthorp Care Centre were inspired by the story and decided to mail cut-outs of Stanley to their family and friends overseas, along with a letter asking them to write about their life, take a photo of Stanley at famous landmarks and mail it back to the centre.

Residents at the home have posted Stanley to America, India, Italy, Guyana, Jamaica, Mauritius, Spain, Romania, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Photographs of Stanley’s adventures and the destinations he reaches will be displayed at the home for everyone to see during National Care Home Open Day on Friday, 20 June.

Jacqui Shuttleworth, manager at Apthorp Care Centre, said:  “We hope that the ‘Around the World’ challenge will give people insight into what it’s like in other countries, as well as providing some fun and laughter for everyone looking at Stanley’s adventures on National Care Home Open Day. It’s also a great opportunity for our residents, who are no longer able to travel great distances, to reach new horizons.

“National Care Home Open Day is a fantastic event, which really brings together care homes and charities across the UK to demonstrate how important specialist elderly care is to the local community. We are really excited to be opening our doors on the 20 June as it’s a wonderful opportunity for people in the area to get to know our home and residents.”


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