Is Your Care Home Ready for The New Food Allergen Regulations?


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On the 13th December, new EU legislation comes into force known as the Food Information for Consumers Regulations (EU/FIR1169/2011) and care homes will not be exempt. The Little Group, a Health and Social Care Consultancy and winner of the EBA New Business of the Year 2013, has teamed up with TSYMCO, a food purchasing and care home nutrition specialists to support care homes through this change.








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Mark Earnden, Managing Director of TSYMCO, said, ‘We are asking care homes to ask themselves these four questions.




  • Do care staff know what food allergy is and what the risks are?
  • Have staff carried out any training on handling food allergens?
  • Are there documented procedures for handling food allergens in the food safety management system?
  • Are there staff procedures for communicating food allergen advice to clients/customers?

Mark continued, ‘if the answer is no to one or more of the questions above, the home is not ready for the changes.’

To receive a FREE allergen risk assessment document contact The Little Group or TSYMCO on or



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