Goldie Oldie DJ Gordon Has Listeners In A Spin


Country and western music lovers in Glasgow are being kept in tune – thanks to a 76-year-old DJ who has given the ‘goldie oldie’ a whole new meaning.


Gordon Johnstone, a resident at Bupa’s Ailsa Craig Care Home on Brand Street, Cessnock in Glasgow, hosts his own country and western show on Sunny Govan Radio 103.5 FM every Thursday afternoon.


Staff at the care home arrange for Gordon to travel to and from the community radio station in nearby Govan Road each week – while his fellow residents always make a point of tuning into his show.


Gordon said: “I started listening to Jim Reeves when I was 13 years old and the music really stuck with me.


“Being able to share my love for country music with my listeners is something I have enjoyed doing since I got started as a DJ.


“Every week I look forward to giving my show and making others happy by listening to some of the greatest country and western music.”


Gordon worked for most of his life as a cleaner for buses in Glasgow until he retired 11 years ago. Soon after, he found his passion for radio and was able to secure a regular DJ spot on Sunny Govan Radio.


Every Thursday, between 2-3pm, Gordon plays his all-time favourite country tunes as well as taking requests from his ever-growing fan base.


Since Gordon’s radio debut in 2000, he has become a crowd favourite and has won two awards. In 2012 he won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the annual Sunny Govan Awards.


Gordon moved into the Bupa’s Ailsa Craig Care Home in 2010 and staff have been keen to ensure he can continue to follow his DJ passion.


Sheila Margey, Home Manager at Bupa’s Ailsa Craig Care Home, said: “We’re all about ensuring our residents can enjoy rich and fulfilled lives and continue their lifelong hobbies and interests.


“Gordon is something of a minor celebrity at Ailsa Craig Care Home and many of the residents are his biggest fans.


“We always look forward to his weekly show – and it’s great to see how thrilled he is when he returns to the home after his DJ stint.”


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