CLS Homes enjoy huge turnout for National Care Home Open Day campaign

Chancellor of the Exchequer and Conservative MP for Tatton George Osborne at Leycester House, Mobberley.
Chancellor of the Exchequer and Conservative MP for Tatton George Osborne at Leycester House, Mobberley.

Over 20 CLS Care Homes across the North West took part in National Care Home Open Day on 20th June, drawing impressive crowds of guests from each home’s local community. For Leycester House in Mobberley, an extra special visitor in the form of George Osborne, Chancellor and MP for Tatton, helped make the event all the more memorable for residents, staff, and visitors.


Mr Osborne visited Leycester House, the CLS care home within his Tatton constituency, to show his support for the home, and to learn about the residents’ lives, taking a tour, and joining the residents for a garden party. Later, commenting on his visit, the Chancellor posted on Twitter: “Great to see that people who have contributed so much are being care for so well”.


Residents certainly took full advantage of their chance to have a chat with the Chancellor. Home Services Manager at Leycester House, Joanne Johnson, said: “We were thrilled when we heard that George Osborne wanted to come along for the Open Day; we spent a great deal of time trying to promote the event to the local community, but we never thought we would get the Chancellor to come along!”


The event, now in its second year, involves care homes right across the UK, and is aimed at engaging the general public, giving them a glimpse of what life is really like inside a care home. CLS Care Homes were proud to open their doors and to show visitors how happy, independent and comfortable life can be as a CLS resident. All homes expressed their gratitude to people for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and show interest in their local homes, and many homes reported several new day care customers signing up as a result of the event.


Robert Black, CLS Managing Director, spoke about the success of National Care Home Open Day: “The interest and enthusiasm we have seen from the public has been overwhelming. All of our staff obviously worked very hard to make the day a success for all CLS Care Homes, and for that, I congratulate them. Well done.”


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