Belong pilgrimage to the World’s Biggest Pear Drop


Belong Atherton-Care Industry NewsResidents from Belong Atherton, on Mealhouse Lane, visited the World’s Biggest Pear Drop on a day out at Oswaldwistle Mill. When Nicola Beaver, the Activities and Experience Days Coordinator at the community care village, heard residents talking about the tourist attraction, which is in her hometown, she vowed to arrange a visit.


During their trip, the party from Belong visited the Heritage Centre, Textile Museum and Stockley’s Sweet Shop, where they stocked up on sweets from their childhood. Many of the group live in independent apartments at Belong Atherton, but several were also attending as part of the Belong Experience Day service, where members of the local community are assisted to take part in village activities and events.


Elsie Gerrard, who lives in a specialist care household at Belong Atherton, said: “We were always seeing adverts for the Mill on television, so it was lovely to be able to go together as a group.”


Julie Washington, General Manager for Belong Atherton, said of the trip: “It’s vital that people accessing care services are given the freedom to pursue their interests and the same kind of choice and independence to that we are all accustomed to. Everybody that visited Oswaldwistle Mills had a wonderful time, and they’re already planning where to go next.”



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