Barchester’s Charitable Foundation gets a little shakey!

Tinshakers at Skyhook Studios
The Tin Shakers at Skyhook Studios

Barchester Healthcare’s resident Gloustershire band, The Tin Shakers, have recorded a charity album of covers for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation.

The band, led by drummer Malcolm McDonald, have gigged together a handful of times already raising £7,000 for the charity and wanted to do something around songs that Barchester Healthcare residents loved to listen to in their early twenties.

Malcom said: “We decided to do a charity album for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation based on a calculation that if you were 20 when ‘Twist and Shout’ came out in 1961, then you are now 73.  So we recorded an album of covers from Stroud’s Skyhook Studios that includes some of the greatest hits of the 60s and beyond including: ‘Lilly the Pink’ with the Barchester Choir, ‘Boots are made for Walking’ sung by Barchester’s Divisional Director Helen Maiello, and ‘Summer Wine’, featuring the Charitable Foundation’s Chairman Mike Parsons.”

The Tin Shakers charity CD’s will be for sale for £5 each, and will be available from Barchester care homes and offices. The band hope to sell 500 copies and the money raised will be matched by Barchester Healthcare.

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation Vice Chairman, Chris Vellenowth, is delighted with the work of The Tin Shakers. He said: “Malcolm and his band have already done so much for the Foundation and we are thrilled they have come up with this fun way of raising money for groups that help older people to lead positive and interesting lives.”


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