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If you are considering selling your care business or you want to buy a care home,  call DC Care now on 01937 849 268 to speak with one of our experienced regional business appraisers.

Sales, Acquisitions, Consultancy & Research

We provide a range of transactional, consultancy and valuation services to the healthcare sector. Our clients include private operators, groups, not-for-profit organisations, banks and private equity firms.

Call Healthcare Property Consultants on 0844 335 6342

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Healthcare Sales | Acquisitions | Consultancy

Bespoke Care has recently been established by industry specialist Anita Allen.

We offer a client-focused sales and acquisition agency service within the UK long term  healthcare sector.

You can expect a professional, experienced, discreet and individually tailored approach to assisting vendors and purchasers throughout a transaction. Along with a unique understanding of the marketplace and a ‘bespoke’ friendly, ethical service maximising the outcome of every care home sale.

Our full site is in development, and coming soon. Meantime, keep us bookmarked for corporate, group and single asset sales, business acquisitions, site sourcing and consultancy.

Elderly care, Dementia care, Specialist care, Children’s services, Domiciliary care, Sites.

Call Anita Allen on : 07963 562617







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